opening the day

fourth inning
(it’s not always easy to come by runs on opening day)

the charge!
call on the organ
skies it foul

first trip to the mound
the cutter away—
the one he got squeezed on

so, the runners move up
back to back—
they’re loaded

an old-fashioned pitchers’ duel:
grounded out
& flied out

the first time you saw him
swing the bat—
obviously, his mechanics

have changed . . .
a great amerikan ball, parked
it might go into, the ninth

he can go to the hammer:
you get the call
a fly ball falls in

two down and nobody out;
activity in both pull pens now,
ahead of the throw

go that way
w a shrug of the shoulder
so! from the stretch

inning over)))

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