falling at a double normal trip rate speed

(from: the Loss Lieder)

open the document into a firing zone
they agree they’re all patriots
piled up moments
collapse to black whole fabric center
galixification spins at:
(inside, the market is
imploded subjectivity, ha-cha boogie
slam down to bald hill stifled
cityscape earmarked)
no, yet used is a color pretty stark
chitchat fling mits a serious yellingsheet
harmonic blaze
auger: how many bent flight
dim careful in the light of the hidden study
dashing all round
a mug's game
run that there race
go, wreck spark
polish off how many that’ve actually
tide in a second, as
flicker: a flash of light
or just a flashlight?
referent is to: history’s the upper bunk
you jump down
but the old font kept snapping back
it’s hard to read things that connect
if you will misknow, then, a red siren light
off to the brink of ad i
granting a thing granted
deafened, dumbed-down & blindfolded:
lacunae skulk inherently insipid
equi vocal never, i know the
vox poduli ear buddings in the spring
of the (pod) people
sainted mirror
all ready
it, canned yappen here
all dressed up and somewhere too gross
haste is to encounter the cool
barber: us, eon
frightened child stammer
pent in a house
rep there fling down
fear full of, inflation
spurn runt
as a cutup punster
only a tepid endorsement the
secret body of police
gave a hit frame
word dives to bomb his postmodern inner sore sez
they agree they’re all pat riots
sure you wanna
think OK of these grinners?
a measured medium whispers to forebear nuthin
photon it drinks up
the italicized moment
of down by the river
it explains an entire media
inertias are a lassitude of condemn
if you are, current
forces of re
pressure on
up holstered
speaking is as spoke to the hub
explosively reckoning
hunger is a garnish
a divider divides the mind into crashing waves
who then is crime a managing to run away
run (trip & fall) of the mill

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