byway implosion link mask

(from    the Loss Lieder)

"You are that frail decision that implied
Their lowest common multiple of human need"

Hart Crane

rider, what have
the loss of one line
favorite among system dancers .. well,  i guess
it's there they learned to speak  
& a drizzle expanded with "maybe" in
quick ways
to admit    this is a place
         and maybe even     that now
is a time

the map's got fever intern as flourish
you  (done done
i'd say the lost line's idiomatic
dropped   or dropped off ..
we hear the mechanical snickers
& so if you address me         is us
a new moment   featured in a Sunday
newspaper analysis?

the commercials shrug you out
from there        you nabble the junk foods
which you then assimilate     like products
or lines of nature
it could be a joke   that spins around & lights up conscious
it could be   the real devotees of inefficacy cheer-up
w longing yes      &
it cd be   gins sign sing
                      it could be    bit of a
bit off
bit of

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