Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 125

you can’t write a Hamlet without breaking legs
metaphorically, a machine-gun rhythm
vocalic interval scrunches, taking up roughly the same time
similar to transient bullet-noise
cancel the subs, as diving over radio silence:
up paraphrase!
syllabic stumble is you can’t count the beats
lost when thinking about the blank page
maybe stress-timed

characterized by equal axes
to chop down some allied phonetics:

look to be as in not looking
or time in a melded shape
all across eyes wink wink
his eyes his sighs are not his size)
a fine probable goes,
pub crawler
minority oxidation
leer where the jet crashing
dictates poor tom-tom off-bleats

all that way a tsar flies
on steroids

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