Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 121

it started with industrial speech fabrication
jamming at the perimeter
unseen forces them to
chop up the scene, so that
deals go south in a drenching storm,
the ballad is early received in our letters
the joy of love-poets of antiquity goes to slipshod
revolves around the auto, the crash, the biographical self
shelved, questioning a fifteenth stanza

over to the ear: what sound cannot be heard
as herd, the meaning of verse,
to turn, a coat or a phrase mongering nearly;
& the curious incendiary of the doggerel
that didn’t bark in the nite:
elementary as a copper vehicle melting

isochrony is based on the vague waviness
felt thru sonnets losing count, counting loss, framing
unmeasured bars, computing clouds
and then raining down on evasive Ulysses
in an ithacation of drizzly verb forms—

it started with industrial speech fabrication
& in the middle it slumps into
an example of the 4-beat octosyllabic prevarication;
carved rhythm & swing
have to co-exist;
the performative slink is there whenever
nothing seems possible (since
everything is)

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