Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 116

the outline of a dead body at a crime seen
is a composite narrative
discarded heavily eloquence for awkward metrics & unpleasantly
eccentric, rimes ... the supremacy of that antisymbolic humor
scrambles yr sterility of art
clattering down the back stairs
is the secret of open form

vice gyrates to versa as means exits to mantra;
a manatee slithers is a man, to a T
publication racks public stagflation;
in the dream leapt there were different ways
to play the instrument of destruction;
a conjunctive particle abrades the same
as checking into a different room

the quatrains repeat
& marry the go-round;
elegiac & specific,
refusal of opposite;
editors & translators
flamenco aural chaoses;
the scuttle gets a laff;
rebuttal shrugs off
yr math

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