when a man's verses cannot be understood

Called out into dark, yer ape doth play
holla you pampered jades (or japes) of asia
rattled or minor, in the one tangledtreason mysteried--
intro OK to maybe some unsaved doc;
serious it might be like a dagger or dragged out
totaled at the loud speaker,
o you gotta realize it means you well espy
puddled across, that sorta knowing big gesture,
hey! that's that mighty line thing
even if it shuts up on a typical nite out
reckoning goes heart stopped to a small room:

Maybe, it's even spare or loose change
at the one moment, did it ...
relation to here, it's got power to clarify: namely,
low down as you can get: simply spy
over in that diplomatic money-making racket,--
we realize it's basically action-singing,
even when a word stabs right thru yr staring I



Christopher Marlowe is often said to have been
born February 6, 1564
(records are more firm as to his date of baptism)

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