a birthday acrostic

Wake Up Apes a Depot Slipslopein (Acrossword

Jaggerly it might yawn off liken to slip slap as,
Anyway they don't rip wap ya the playblink mechanism ... don't
Massive breaderly daylily nightlily monthliest get
Entrop slick hum caper ask it weirdall a trad mark'd to slum total?
Sump it's really a thing a thugrest & mack test it

Just because you frame it as clangully clank organistical
O slow downing don't mean every day's sum new measure!
Ye old crowd goes to make it sing atlantally, under bridges
Couch loud the wakening thenmollies ....
Entrop stalls mid hill just a sis, a fuss--w'righting over's hound


James Joyce was born on February 2, 1882

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