for all dual theys

  for all dual  theys 
                    when us 
comes up  we:
                   stance and type
             even if it denies the obvious, it affirms that speech constitutes truth; even if it is destined to deceive, it relies on faith in testimony

are standing placefully wield flows on me us
have of both two outsides or third amongst
take at like leisure is and hosted work clocked
hunger skates but doesn't slice with less fuss
take me into a room it feels residential say sit
stretch out hours with ache with sparks with widths
make questions don't stop strike for mute so for sass
kick where we are huddled are watching live
easy outstrip bring down the house appear languid
ooze clearage for the face mop wear a lot of black
are ninety percent otherwise raise me have weapons
seem not to be moving are close getting closer
surrounded us told us the see saw flow was over 
instruct the raising animate what dreams behind us

send signals to what we would repudiate less one
always seems it enough to hold sides like that also
put watchdogs in the sauce use keycards to get off
tarry at thresholds use gestures disproportionate 
bring the skeletons to the table let us out once a day
watch us sleep assign us each a number as good as
lead us right into temptation give us our wishes
ask us are inside are the answering breath of void
are filled with tangents yet hold a reflection up breathe
make more sense from a distance are inside yet not
insist that we smoke make the calls cordon off areas
bulk up the hole or flatten the pole are waiting outside
neared the point of no return trusted in hands again
all got liquor drinks sat seemed that night seamlessly
rustled the fabric dimmed the chances of recalling this
instigated a return to comfort opened a cul-de-sac
landed us in the ditch seem to have many unspokens
argue around deaths mortality in any mask perpetuate
seem so together wait at lights made as if to be a layer
aggravate propose endless series to contain the impulse
have hands in other pockets accumulate surplus extort
have makings from either might insist contradiction
instantiate something that tommy gun might metaphor
make the turn around here somewhere don't look back
of the empty yet soon to fade eternity of them so they
remade as the object as a voice in the ear of worry
stand for it less while holding your door bag mess 
guard you while you sleep refuse boxes are me us
don what makes yeses construct anew renew constructs
are the line standing in are the edges where the drop is not
embody desire released are your closest rivals 
want what you wish you could take it give it get some
rattle the chains have grown sick of your pleasure
bite the hand that chant demands that cluster across lines
occupy the crossing inner instance outside your wealth
extemporize refashion turn your tools against you
wait to pass it like a stone like waste bite a rubber bullet
recognize one another even in your uniform of choice
must have found new enjoyments are jailed are killed
have been rumored to be in hiding walk among you
bleed without forms to fill like it when your words fail
linger with intent know of your repudiation wait for you to 
stand from them in within them and stream so 
recognize your recognition ask you is it enough
narrate your pull of the place and the no knowing then
are unsurprised are eviscerating leave you like the last
have you have forgotten and any can have all in within
know that places are only partially picked ask another 
insist only on the open field's deceptiveness as topos
fight for that misnamed opening rally round refuse
know what is left of you en masse cultivate it for private savor
figure its ground estimate the blowback know the bars' irony 
stand behind split position are game to switch
have found just more are back here again altered parts
appreciate that the smooth curve vies with the traversal
take on the surface lock and load wish to demand necessity 
say the kinkiest thing would be to just be you all the time
ride strands of collapse while tending other frames than body
opened up the relations of rule to site-specific refashioning
took the fun out of bad made bad a mere style said stop now
said goodbye to you are "raging on in repetition" sighed cadences
didn't notice when by the very curve had undone the turn
will never have been given truth by history ask what else is new
at each point are the crack in the larger they that once denied

for all dual theys

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