Another Hemisphere Records--an embrrassremeant off zaund p'moetreesest richat moobs mi do sae......

 . . . Hot Damn!
My researches on German Lukomnikov yesterday led me to Another Hemisphere Records. Today I downloaded everything in a rush, I'd need a month or more without distractions to actually listen to all of this cool stuff.
But there are 12 albums available and the arTronic Anthology which has two CDs, one of audio and the other of video and visual work, scores, etc. I've only sampled a bit of this so far (it is xmas, and I'm visiting family and currently ignoring them to type this, but, you know, there are limits) but everything I dipped into seemed worth attending to more. Hopefully I'll have time to review a few of these more fully in 2012.

Go have a look. Download some poetry, Another Hemisphere Records. It's free. You are not shopping.

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