September 6, 2011 Meeting Recordings

Due to technical difficulties, only one recording from this night. It's an untitled collaboration with the title "6 September 2011 APG Collab". Text is below for those following along at home.

6 September 2011 APG Collab

the new pillow divides us, crows
and this hammer bites, palls the rag
knees through waterfalls and distances
are all fat bitches under the hood canal,
slammer smaller once buttered, long and short
cut-outs, the identical clouds by folded sillohuettes 
 done up municipal network, twin lambs. 

several alone pauses, it smells shut in, the hand 
wed to the arm causal or nosecracked humdrum

instinctual impression as the paste who is also
like hair. Caskets of libido, blank. Or not identical
zoom as discourse. Asleep towards tangles
seeming all pauses, elementary scaffold
or tin person. Continuous eyesight. Fur twin
cut through. Gender breadcrumbs.
The other beep grasses
powdered distances. A crowd shudden.

minus the enlightenment it smells like a pause
in cyberspionage there is no one to 
photograph the horrible wisdom OTP
until the Sultan cools everyone's monopology jitters
it's prison, knit tickles in the denty gun
neustand acrimonious shoulders produce the profit
of a library's leaves and Love Parade
social hurt blood remains to sinew us
his hair can't hear its own sagging contact family
DNA low and obelisk shocked pushing tucks
and hotel cleft majority 
rug crud, headed and swabbed lightlamp torn by an actual cube
"we are not different", a lull and wherewithal 
unification within earshot; O, my fate.

felt the sickle, slapping the saggy, familiarity 
spirit. Statue "aka" Dumb Venom paused during
a whim -- it's new to be a weight, check that.
private knowledge, chortles and utterance -- 
hanger-ons upon hanged

Now, it begins. Kudzu listening into a 
child. Usually added to its surface
and lost in the crowd 
to decrease its bonding capacity, parents
opaque and identical but doodads dress
appropriately. Teddy beards listening
together associated and sleek.

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