August 17, 2011 Meeting Recordings

Mark read Triple indemnity peroration

He also read these poems by Erika Stephens (who is Mark's better half for those of you at home):

Aphorist (the ph is a phi)


Off each

Pro/verbs Anti/nouns

Lines written upon looking into Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology

Zac read Noun bun

And did an improv with visual aids No one was here. . .  Here is one page from the booklet, featuring a cat that looks remarkably like Zac (sorry for the blurriness of the pic):

He also read Jeff Dahlgren's age dangle in the style of eggtooth

JLo did an improv firmly rooted in reality called We are the money!

James barely read Days (0:06) (0:03)


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