Three Evening Performance-Installation at Poem88: May 17-19

The APG will be performing in and through a kinetic installation created in collaboration with David D'Agostino and others at Poem 88 gallery. The event is spread across three evenings, from May 17-19, 6-9 each night. Poem88 is located here.

Here is the publicity blurb:

@ {poem 88}
x (lattice), y (glyph), z (time)
David D’Agostino, Atlanta Poets Group, Rassim
With Luke Leavitt, Dessislava Dimova, Andrew Axel, Jean Kern, Lazare Lazarov

David D'Agostino kidnapped the Atlanta Poets Group. They were taken to Bulgaria on a silver ship. Something returned. X (LATTICE), Y (GLYPH), Z (TIME) is an installation-performance resulting from the collaboration between visual artist David D’Agostino and the Atlanta Poets Group and including Bulgarian painter Rassim and other artists. This “in-between-exhibitions-exhibition”, sited for the Poem 88 gallery space, consists of various physical objects (paintings/poetry objects/photos/other), performances, music and sound phenomena. Words are connected to the grid. Life is line-drawn, turned as a table, and unearthed in a city too hussy to bait. The installation-performance will span three evenings, May 17, 18 and 19, from 6 to 9 PM each evening. You may come and go as you please. Sound is a photograph of language how a lattice breathes.

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