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I've just discovered ZSWOUND where I read

  • ZSWOUND is dedicated to heteroglossia, mixed speech, hybridisation, distortion, glossolalia, linguistic mestizaje, slang, frontier-words, pop translation, dysfunctional or diverted translation, stolen languages, zaoum, automatically generated texts, LOLpo, fous du langage, untranslatable works, invented languages, erasure, kinetics, spam and many other venimous TlaOngues. ZSWOUND is minimalist, selective, dystopic, unpredictable...

& I'm jazzed by the many tangents, provoked, so I start scrolling it & find lots of cool stuff, like [Re]Cuts by Eduardo Navas;

... info about the wonderful R.Mutt Sticker Project (notable in it's own right);

.... Alejandro Taliano's - Dewriting works, for instance this one;

.... which is called, Conditioned Reflexes and Inhibitions / page 81
_dewriting and simultaneousm of the Ivan Pavlov´s investigation
_spanish pronunciation voice: Alejandro Taliano
… This info makes me want to know more… is there a recording of this somewhere? If so, I cannot find it on the site. I like some of the handwritten ones very much too.

This lovely thing;

...which is;
Michalis Pichler, 2009

all the text of Stéphane Mallarmé's poem of the same name is cut out and played on an automatic piano [here is a look at the score]

instrument: Pianola Metrostyle Themodist
The Aeolian Company, NY 1910
location: Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin
Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
camera & sound engineering: Michael Otto
sound assistance: Misaki Kawabe, Nick Thurston

& then there is work by Broodthears, Rauschenberg's erased de Kooning, Homovisual Translation, Typography movies and much else.


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