APG at Decatur Book Festival 9/04

A couple of Saturdays ago, we performed an extremely well-received 15 minutes at the Coffee Primate as part of their line-up for the DBF. Thanks again, Megan!

Our setlist (all polyphonic):
  • untitled lattice work by James (w/Zac)
  • sound investigation#2--advice for the inhuman: gears grinding
  • club calcium [we need sound effects]
  • L-spot harmonium [w/walkout]

A scant two hours or so later, APG members served as the backing band for James as he read at the Seen Gallery for the Experimental Writers Asylum, a two-day event sponsored by Eyedrum. Thanks to Bill & Amy for hosting much mischief and to Eggtooth & Ed for organizing it.

Highlights included the two-voice "Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light" (w/JLo), "Muzak for Lenox Mall" from his book Goodbye Public and Private (w/epiphytes by jselv & William), and James' solo reading of a very large lattice piece that scrolled, via laptop projector, along the gallery wall.

Two performances in one afternoon ain't no joke. Oh, and we love football, a'ight?

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