_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 22 ] by John Lowther


I try to keep my shit plugged in

If the translation is right, a push button

In the ear of a swan

Speaks muffled shards

Sings it puts the lotion on its skin

Or else it gets the hose again. Eliminates

Bats with baby faces. To learn is to eliminate.

Where is your data? Give me some

Scratch I can put in the computer.

Not your soliloquies of itch,

Com­plex social assemblages of war,

& virally like that. Simile's not up to it.

A pathway through the hard shells

Zoo howitzer - of these dwellings, &

Seeks prey. Itch on a tiny island

Circling swarm of swans, finding luring

Toward that crypto night

Fans out a window, shaft is vined,

No echoed instep hard fragging.

Swans can't scratch it for itch. Big

Bubba says Shit or go blind. Itch

Bane written on yellowed label

That dissolves under the sweat of a palm

Racing through the rubble, against

What will eat you whole, breaking

Canister with shoulder no tub

To hide in, dust on barrel of gun

Backed up to a swan what circles overhead.

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