_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 21 ] by John Lowther

It's eaten my sources, swan this

Itch that. Eaten. Hoof it blocks

Tired entry and then distinguishing

Between dipshit and douchebag

As I sit the open window that smokes

What could have been an itch bar

Where your drinks are never cleared

& you pay with attitude. Don't touch

Me where I swan with a no fear sticker.

Noir voiceover was a walk here too.

Mastication complex. Nimble toe scratch

& soccer knobs out drunk yelling.

An itch bar called pair of dice

Where now and then, now and then

Pepper spray. The little engine that.

We can learn what we did not know

Enough to forget. On the other hand,

There are also living swans, iron swans,

Real swans which can devour people.

On this we should build our tactical thinking.

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