It Came From Wednesday Night (undated)

Island of Thin Arms and Sturdy Legs

Is that you? Master precaution.

Arousal is all uphill from here. Huh?

This is a lip, swollen like canvas, like

The unexpected foot of a French peddler.

I will set in, finally, in earnest with the sea.

Bad alignment expression stunned cave cardinal.

It is a cave, but you cannot tell it so. It

Is a secret, it is, but everybody knows that.

A torrential hidden road is immaterial pulse

But characteristic product. Foot, other foot. Island.

Nothing situated. Past present future…

Coastline slaves declare a razor a rest of doubt.

That is a mountain, this is the sea. Is that

You? You’ve mastered precaution. Peds.

Dictation prison break. Silly hat. Is that you?

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