_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 7 ] by John Lowther

[AUDIO] - Impersonation of JL by Matthias Köhler, for Language Harm "Impersonations"

Not sense but sense arcs and below then the fallout.

Watching mouths and picking stones out of the flow

Barely but after catching heck for it. The secretary said

I was rude. No bones for the bureau. Trophy case of

All my reflections. I touch the world. Frotteurism as a landscape

with does and lambs and doves and slugs and swans

Itch. Swans bitch about this is threefold,

Fistily and earnest there is sand in the ouevre;

Seconded and pistols doom is a bit heavy for a fucking lyric;

Turd informant disinformatik year three

Paper squares for bum maintenance are nearly

uniform cross culture. Everybodys got opinion, like

Milk Duds. Scat Man Cruthers. Angels in the outfield

Meet swans with dirty faces, reenact. How much coffee is

How many cigarettes. My OCR is not the final word. Puder

Zucker. Old itch is irresistible, before long what? Swans probing

In misunderstanding, deceit, loneliness, fear.

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