APG at the ACAC

A performance by the APG and artist David D'Agostino at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
Thursday, June 3, 7PM
Come on out. Below is a blurb and here is a link to the ACAC's site.

Alphabet Species/Low Ghosts

Studio artist David D'Agostino and the Atlanta Poets Group collaborate to perform a liminal interrogation of The Contemporary as a nexus of language and space. Applying the principles of early Fluxus artist and poet Dick Higgins (among others), the APG's language-events and D'Agostino's photographs of the exhibition space will inhabit the marginal vacancy that exists between the removal of one gallery exhibit and the installation of a new one. Put into dialog with the APG’s transgressive, non-traditional, poetic practice, D'Agostino's photographs and the exhibition space will be recast, disturbing expectations of gallery space as a repository for the visual.

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