tribute to john lowther going to the carolinas before going to germany and basically leaving the APG for possibly as much as two years

john lowther has left,or abandoned
his ability
to participate in APG wednesday night meetings.

Or in future language harms
because he because he
is going.

Going to germany.
Hello. i am the worst poet
in the APG
im am the worst
er poet than troy lloyd

or Zarc Jnarsedent.

i just got into poety
im a worster poet than
those with quote unquote "green chalk"
and most paper.

i worstly wrote and
wroted up by the figurative teacher
about poetry in horror love
and heart.

In hopes of getting a chance to
fuck nada gordon i got into
poetry with worst
charles birkenstockings
and tie-dye spare tired
balding guys in visors.

He is not in the APG.
And rainbow wrinkle forklift
sunshine knuckle uncle finger
& web marina sarcastic .

For internet porn sites.

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