April 29, 2009 Recordings

Beatrice Arthur by Peter

Reference monos 1, 2, 3, and 4 by Mark

Tumors and flowers by John

and Jeff's dictation of John's Tumors and flowers

A collection of poems about animals and food by Jeff

Days (0:33) (0:07) by James

and some APG collaborations Impressions and Untitled and Variations on Love Song 32 (by Bruce Andrews)


  1. animals and FOOD .
    but i guess it doesnt matter
    i mean...it's just words.

  2. my onlylinear friends play asstag with webcams & we eat ourselves into a moist afterbirth.

    if my social sucks the swallow, then you must plummet the chasm of my dickhole, sometimes it secretes candyflipped rocksteady in twotone repeats.

    please click my entertainment or skyrocket headlong amongst my wicked gibberish, i only want to add your eyeballs to moneymaking easy streams.

    we are owners you're all FOOD.