I'm a baby snoopy.

I'm a baby snoopy,more of a roller coaster
Come bear, snow to sink.
Tear knee buy,no. Sing bird.
In drywall horse tourniquets
and old inside ears ghost zone foes.
Air titan coo,coming to wars you to
tip toe verb bodies of black ants
in jaguars.
Encapsulated human ache.
The center of hugged conceivability
praises the quagmire of lilting
icey catwalks. Inked electric issues
in a sarcastic grey sky, they stumble trumpets,
a hurricane of geometric symbols.
Blessing self deafening lessons
shuffles vaguely,to dash and land
on sun-bleached horns.
To cabins at the bottom of a lake.
A cartoon puddle spreading stump.

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