Yearlong Sonnet- Iteration 45

Avoid,  all of you.
or walked away. Through unhappiness, a nearness
can fall from shrubs into a lightenin' twirl.
Yr bag of wind bounces near, spreading bleariness.
He stumbles on the path like a clam w a pearl.
(Actually, when you shout that loud, she turns blue.)
The herd offered the nerd a sausage: a flag to furl.
But all the relatives were cousins or generalists and had a slew
of absolute truths, nattering at yr book-signing.

nothing was happening when the man sd, I'm some girl
alive, just routine revelation, a chaser whining ...
go ahead you can hang there if ya want & stew.
Thanx fer time after time and a teller in all seriousness;
when they got back from then, there was a wind, shining.

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