Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 34

no has a gulf’d fee veldt, sag a chit.  nah....
pine code will bomb yer mom, like a Nero;
no ire to eye those vets, tongue the id with, ah!
lines. with me. draw on your braid rub hero
re: it once materialized for you, O !
negative in the ear, a churn, to lick our pad ... rah!
are you now or have ya never been, a psy mi whee, slow?
and, an SS does not have gears, to chant it blah (or so)

ha! our status upped & died, do easy creed;
just the six of us, tsk tsk, so, they slew a slow seeing:
or, a question gets foreverized, poet spies can bleed;
crazy as that way with content, i’m afraid!
just one bit of pop cult, like they’re always saying...
a wordless corner, turn, grow ... treeing !


  1. Okay, I'm a rotten poet but not a bad storyteller (or so I've been told, on both counts). I usually write about Baltimore, but after a week in Atlanta, I have enough stories about my time in the city to last at least a month. I'd love to have you stop by and read a bit!

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