a poem for today

Steep, or Deep

Great as across full beats beaten; spendsavor salt makes it
easy at the primed ink ave; pre-post, a spanned by-way.
Rapid that way tinker w beam-blind semi iambs.
Anyway who isn’t, w glass plowed a sight colder?
Rapid haggard heart winking motionable mind, flaked w a
damp rag’d bow-bend; little birds haggling over sugar.

Maybe w quick in an Arkansas flash flurry, but basically
aggravated bullies; pretty fab in craziness due to matter.
Naturing: the selving of that nature.
Leave it to where a grass does a spiral thing, ratting out
emotion at the tear frame paging rack slash knocked
yes, rattle-throat. Well, all times got a clinging.

Happening shifts toward word. Stained glass or soul,
open. In coming down we lost our way and each had a
(plosive) dangerous slide down the long wet grass
(knee deep) of a steep slope. Each stumped dumb logged
iteration, labels to a non-stop..... Slums & begets.
Not only does a word go off kilter so it can spin.
Samely, a wildness ok’s a guess: what, for the hearing.

[by Mark Prejsnar]


Gerard Manley Hopkins was born July 28, 1844

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