an otherwise normal day.

otherwise norm you'll

for you.

He strolled along at an even and quick pace.
the sensation of the desire to move forward.
itching certain places of the body can be difficult.
it was about time for them to
(ten minute break right here)
the concentrated movement of your right foot and eyes.
drifting off into a comfortable darkness
he felt that awareness was heavy
returning with a blur and then
a solid thought.
(coffee for this particular gentleman!)
and watery hot fresh wow what okay im here,hi, how are you?
the rattle of plastic home furnishings and non-recyclables.
familiarly commiserating with small images of real people.
a dried bread warmth or a citrus tang,perhaps.
He left the front of the house and behind him,visible through the window of an unused room, a strange tentacle shoved an old curtain aside and slapped against the window.
are the trashcans by the side of the road? and the grass is not tall yet.
the keys fit in the ignition
safe passage: "Hello, How are you today?"
yes i can accomplish this task
the quiet performance of ritual hygenic bodily functions.
necessity or habit requires sustenance
necessity or habit is who you think you might be.
the mouth will tingle. repeat if necessary.
interaction with smaller living creatures.
repose and vegetative trance fills sponge-like head with information
the desire to laugh and communicate (and again, for sustenance)
recollection of the task and the darkness
habit goes to his usual room. necessity bonds with it in another.

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