Masking Memory.i dunno.yeah.

cyan fiction before treatment goo
preoccupy a child complex. reduced to desires..
talents flowers retards genius. the real name.
future works rescuers mouse trap. the trigger ring
of psychosis no space to ask with always with lack or desire
slugs and enzymes on rocky resistance shores
chronic itching flippy irk subjective religious motives
laughter otherwise at the reading .the unexpected.
healthy persons starvation but did it encounter
delight circuitry key, can you go? for her?
many animals mothers are spam brains.
you're better at keeping irrelevant information
are what knowledge apply are knowledge and ideas
i switched over to discover okay data data
whatever happened to naturally robotic
i have something brainwashing a commentary
gross on my finger in the atmosphere. it will end.
the loom feel like a racing reality sunny show
what feels the emptiness? an invisible syphon.

schriebt bie der and die stay the same das changes its name eggtooth

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