It Came from Wednesday Night (undated)

Packing List

a strange jumble i think i see
corner of an accident
and creeping up the side of the box
old music

homework exsignment scratched on
little bits of seams, plastics, exponents
__________of fragments totally unscathed proper products not: messy mishape

yr hot felt roller
veneering from treering
this jar of cheese is barcoded
for ease of checkout

strangled bridegroom look at your museum photos and lipstick trace hearts in musical formation crisscrossed & wrapped across with black tape
the heart hidden from view

there is foam plastic and cardboard pointy plastic objects
glued into your consciousness
implode obstrude intrude
(she dragged me—)
_it's all in
__the hips?))

and the stripes of pitch
pointing to the plastic objects
.mouse will not triptake: OCCUPIED. imbleed into one another,
those stolen items

down on the steel wool berber
the magnolia's green velvet fist
the heft of it if you have been
snared a lycanthropic evening
waits in the street

atop the nipply box top flipped open in order to stuff deeper
to get the most postage weight
tape rolls to hang up blackened copies. the name pronounced
with more of an r like errrrrrr.

deep down into the box deep down into
the box like a buddha who knows
what we have to endure--(getting mailed
allover the damn continent) occupied
indeed toward absence

outside will do, make hefty with tape
contructions make ready
box of ready, box of wait.
wait, how many does happen
to go in?

i was afraid screwing thru the side
could cause injury then there was the
question of flat or phillips head brass
or stainless star quality spoken indulgence
on another level there will be a double
spicket and a more galvanized poetry

how much weight can tape hold in
this fashion? Foam packing tacking
& the scratch of restroom hand towels
they mispelled the return address
so it's fated to be undeliverable.

—undeliverable like a voice cordoned into poetry the massive face of Rilke, pursued by angels
and he pops from the box
fully armed with (hot dawgs and santa klawz) und das boxx ist eine uber nocho
adrezt fer: das grosse dichter,
Randolf Pruntz!
and he springz
into a knot der Expressionismus ************************

[undated, unsigned, 2002?3?4?]

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  1. Hello ladies and gents,

    I've always enjoyed the ditty-drums of this blog and I'm curious as to how I can become involved?

    (You'd think that this would have been at the beginning of the post here): My name is Derrick Tyson [although I often consider myself a "Pinecone" for a variety of reasons] and I'm an photographer/poet/collagist/painter/multi-media artist/filmmaker living in Gwinnett county. I've been existing on earth for 26 years (woohoo!).

    If interested, my flickr site is at the following link:


    I've got a book coming out of my photographs soon. 188 pages. Hardback w/ dustcover. The title of it: "Emotional Spaces." The reason? Because I consider an image to be more than merely a "photograph"; it's most certainly an emotional space.

    I've had several poems published in "Shampoo" and another in "can we have our ball back?" (which has apparently disabled itself from the crooked cracks of the online internet metropolis (zing!)) in the past and I like to write poems while contorting my body in different positions (most often upside-down). I've never submitted anything else to any other online journal. Not sure why.

    I am a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, but recently I am thinking of dropping it altogether. That's beside the point, though.

    I need models but people are overly-coy. I like cherry jolly-ranchers and pink starburst. I like kindness and easy-going people. I like people that love nature. I love nature. I hug trees. There's a sweet-gum tree in my front yard and I named it "Yoko Ono." I love coffee and bookstores. I love to laugh. I often shake my right leg uncontrollably when I'm nervous. I'm always nervous. Naturally-nervous and it's not entirely a 'bad thing'.

    I love all of the poems here and have been following many of the 'Atlanta poets' for a while now, including many visits to the "old site" that apparently doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately.

    Anyhow, it'd be great to receive any kind of feedback, no matter the content.

    Shine on!

    -Derrickonia Pineconeus-