from a manuscript in progress


_Repetition requires the new. Is this thing even on? Obsessively
_Planning for that which cannot for be planned. Gesture, but verbal
_An out-the-window sorting table view of a debate I didn't know
_Had me by the ankles since forever. It was a scene turned away from.
_Present lips excluded. Pale with dark exertions. ...misstep.load.satur
nal.presumably.crop.emptied. Drop down immanence, with two sides.
_Stop this if. If you've said it once. Elegant toes in trees' root din. para
mono.shiv.go-backs.i.u.c. Let's nimbus the killers and so out of here
_Like just a marquee. Is the light supposed to be red or green? Free
_Us from doubt and get off with the exploitation. Pastel celebration
_Of those dimples and what keeps migrations on the move. trix.gunny.
ditchweed.fiasco. What is your PIN? You can't always want what you
_Get. Five by five. Blunt farce trauma with address correction requested.

COMMENT: I am not at all sure that I like this poem or the other poems that I have written so far to go with it, but as it has been some years now since I wrote poetry at all, at least as single author, I am sticking to it in hopes that something worthwhile will come out of the diligence.
- John Lowther

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