It Came From Wednesday Night (10 Jan, 2001)

Swales without pedagogy

continuously sogg amuck teach squish-- eyiuh !
a number -but numb lochs drowned
in leam-ed moist. swampy flank divot
press the hill drier qua spite
of teacher confidence swimmin' w' out waders
puzzling daphnea surface tension alga spool

reservin family dampish into numbd agoodintenshun
seaoats swing a dioramic glow moon
bogman provost trepanned in tepid muck
can you seed whales in schools?
ladder of expediency, self-learned dip shovel
mama told to find(unfind))) the root

just above postepid mud icelippppp whuppps.…!
wutcha meeeen ah fug ring toss
mildew recess mortarboard erased over with
and chalk through spells and swells
steeping the "what is knowledge" spilt
from blackboard lily call frog roll


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