I am delete this.

oh it gushes love do.
the brushes leaves gust- in a
something or other/ that is, if you love me.
sand castle axis on my loving ghosty shore
the remix reprise of tilt a were lamaze for you
where are all my lies. were all my eyes.
hug me with the loves of huggy bugs!
and snuggles in the embers of a simmering
wubby dubby
oh tremble finger! in candle heart and swooping descriptions.
i am i feel i believe i just get
all lubby
i emote in rote tiny red notes. a woven coaxer
a satisfying link relieves my movements
of your scent.
i oh and i oh and my own
insides have grown a soul so deep that rivers.
but if you delete me,you must replace me.

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