The 80's Summer on Goh St. (Ad-out)

i know it may sound the electric. accustom two
the television. swimming in it. brings us all to get her.
hisses hisses hisses tree branch. and it is dangerous. fault.
the humble window cracks. this is an important piece of
shit symbols. assimilate a simian clang.
look up here
one. twooo. threeeee. fooooour.
bjorn borg. fun dips. chain link fence.
so. tomorrow's the big day
and green blond hair violent racket
bawls all night i acquire tickets to
time share beachball wind sand and whatnot
lig it ning buhgs and go st. in the gravy ardent
they call me the brie. and i am trying to.com
muni corn and limp mix cat ate quick
bright eyed and bushy tell a conference at
inch nell carter and the conduits of love
say aunts. the color flying. it's a black
cousin,it's Preakness in a bottle. think of it.
your sew king is so understanding. you wouldn't.
coller id. let go of my egoist. sue per diem lit edge us
per pull a part. ive got to pack,man. a war box
jelly. fish what's the best each knee sun she.
is an attorney. yard's revenge of the nerves.
us. and thems the breaks. haunted house.
adventure. more til'.com batter upside down
a moan yeah. phones no longer home. gerrymander
and the newhearts.pieces pace.reach us on the shore.
make her soul walks forever.

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