1st of 3 Poems from Jeff & John (Nov.07)

pulsamatic semiotic rifle thru

void wires promise a dancing orgasm you melt into.
shined up the structure lust of bountiful beauty's bodies.
operationalize your erasure?
tantamount to total tongue vibrations.
not thought crush nor hope wound but inspirational posing.
defiantly cyclops lobbing washing machines loudly.
a chasm hiding cracked glass and passion.
a How To manual for fucking up.
am clanged, dimmed peril like commercial shunt kills fuzzy wuvs dead.
since the civil war ended, ed's not been the same feller.
naval jelly sinks a ring into my best friend's dreams.
always another hair to find crusted.
trumpets blair and folly is unprepaired.
if capillarys opening then distribution list.
ten minutes times ten listed friggin words end.
capital i hate that fucking poster period.
i count syllabes ten on my fingers.
simple ludd scrump, garden variety.
poetry writing is exciting, yes?
i motile frag but at least aint recliner chair i won't.
a tragic dragon spends its last passion.

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