aslongasittakes-- the APG's online sound poetry magazine

aslongasittakes has launched! It's here. It includes work by David Applegate, David Braden, Christian Bök, Brian Howe, Geof Huth, Donna Kuhn, Jörg Piringer, Randy Prunty, Lily Robert-Foley (with mIEKAL aND) and Christine Wertheim, and features the work of Jim Andrews. Let us know what you think. We're always accepting submissions.

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    congrats on an epic first issue, itsa impressive collection to ear my holes oundingso such suchs...an essential soundpo resource, even more relevant as a cohesive & wellthought gathering of contemporary practitioners so sonic @ 1230 km/h, apeeling past barrier inthru those fluidfilled cochlea vibby vibrating multicilia awiggle even inner otoacoustic emission amped so auditory as to blast organcorti uppa brainwaves...
    ...thanx for taking the time & effort to endeavor such a space in the public sphere...also noted is the worldwide outlook
    as languages languish when purebody prebeing communicates uncommed, but direct injection to initial states of actualized interiority exercising a forgotten beginning before the WORD.