2008 Sonnet-- Iteration 7

gets angry, it then whips around, assembles
'dispendiosamente'-flashcards anchored by flip oxygen
a cold periodical fishes for my wrapped nickel:
cog-national pledge of all agents
makes it lacking our refreshment
like a survey of serial killer hits,
all scatter-shot murder all the time
half a winter to parade toward embassy

then the ents get formidable by burning
a nonbreaking space as the cone re-enters
the altered atmosphere;
weapons will always be with you
as open mouth nectar fumigation
dashes one life-history, trembling clear

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    becomes angrily, flogs it round, assembles then
    dispendiosamente' - flashcards anchored by tapping oxygen cold
    periodic fish for my packed nickel: radertje-nationale
    the promise of all agents makes it being lacking, slid our refreshment
    such as an overview of periodic assassin slaps, already
    verspreiding-ontsproten assassination already time half of the winter to parade
    to embassy
    then becomes ents formidabel nonbreaking space burning
    since the keel the changed atmosphere motivates again;
    the aprons will not always be with you since open the migratieas
    of mouth nectar one leven-geschiedenis are clearly, to tremble

    get angry, then whips around, gathers
    "dispendiosamente'-flashcards based on the flip of oxygen
    Cold periodic fish for my nickel wrapped:
    gear-all national mortgage agents
    doing it is not enough, our buffet slider
    Survey as a serial killer hits,
    all scotter-shat killing of all time
    half of the winter at the parade in the direction of the embassy
    ents then get tremendous in a fire
    a nonbreaking space, as a re-entry cone
    changed the atmosphere;
    platforms will not always be with you
    how to open their mouths nectar migration
    Ash is one strife-history, shivering clear

    One gets upset, then around whips, oxygen reunites ' Dispendiosamente'-cards anchored flip a refreshment for my newspaper fish surrounded nickel: Cog-national promise of all the agents needs to move to Him to the refreshment As a study of our assassin in series of visits, All traveling-shot the murder all along Half winter to march past towards the embassy Then, formidable the nentes to obtain by a space burns Nonbreaking as the cone returns to enter the alteration of the atmosphere; Aprons will not be always with you As to open to the mouth Ash-gray nectar migration they are a lifer history, shaking clear

    Get angry, then whips it around, assembles' dispendiosamente' flashcards-anchored by oxygen Flip fish of a periodic cold for my nickel wrapped: the truth-national commitment of all staff makes it missed, slipped our refreshments as an overview of the periodic coups killer, all skitter-shot killing all winter half time to scroll through the embassy when the parents become formidable burning nonbreaking space while the cone resaisit the changed atmosphere ; aprons will not always be with you as the ashes open migration nectar mouth are a life-history, clearly trembling