Year long sonnet

Below is the first installation in a collaborative sonnet that will morph periodically over the coming year.

Subt(There is nobody outside
eye dew The subtles are over
Something smells your parents
Twilight with peel-n-see exclamation points in
Some stains relax
The opaque*** tunes t
o range** condominiums itch*
Hot dogs truncate or leisure filter out into until
A world in furnished erotic snored itself hunches
Or temperment
Reclustered odorless doors
Thin toyotatard from cold shoulder
s)itles: earshot rains into autobiography
apostrophe x

*bacon (honkeys)bits
**everything can't be obvious

***aggravational lensing: the only things that survive are

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    (Good enough to be included in the anthology, Best American Poetry 2004.)

    "Alarming, not so much for their lack of meaning as for their critical immunity, such poems [as the two above quoted] are immune not because of any so-called “difficulty,” or because the poem can only be evaluated in a “historical context” devised and/or approved under the terms of one or another literary canon; their critical immunity exists because poetry is the only field where its practitioners can openly claim that their products are not to be evaluated by others in the same field. As with any highly subjective, paranormal enterprise, having an “outsider” try to “see” how their poem works immediately invalidates the results. You get it, or you don't. Thus, only a true believer can “read” a poem from the church of new writing."""

    "Houlihan accuses those of us who get pleasure from the nonorganic [in poetry] of belonging to a church or cult that has rendered itself immune to all criticism. One might reply that immunity to nakedly hostile and uninformed criticism is not such a bad thing, but really her complaint should be taken more seriously than that. Whatever the demerits of Houlihan's position as a critic, as a reader we have to take her seriously (it's clear that she represents a large number of angry, befuddled readers). Simply put, she feels excluded from the church, which has set off an understandable Groucho or sour grapes effect in her. . ."

    Josh defines the "organic" in poetry "as that that in which all of its parts are subordinated to the whole—to the poem's poemness—while in the nonorganic poem the parts are not so subordinated—the whole, goal, or telos of the poem is exterior to it, located in "reality." The nonorganic is perhaps best represented in what is called "language poetry" or "post-avant" poetry, but for present purposes the distinction is essentially that between conventional verse in which the poem's meaning can be ascertained through familiar sorts of critical readings and more experimental poetry, for which such readings don't always seem to work.

    To quote further from Bürger: "It is true that at the surface level, automatic texts are characterized by a destruction of coherence. But an interpretation that does not confine itself to grasping logical connections but examines the procedures by which the text was composed can certainly discover a relatively consistent meaning in them" (79).

    · I would tend to add (this is me, not Josh), that the procedures by which the text is composed is indicated encompassing "conceptual umbrella" titles that "nonorganic" poets tend give to their creative projects:Binaries are dangerous and seductive—they provide an either/or system of culture without questioning. "If not that, this."

    Pure 6's are very rare, more the domain of individual poets, while 1's are still quite common. Nonorganicism in poetry generally takes the form of a greater or lesser degree of parataxis or montage (often formalized into constructs like the ideogram, the New Sentence, etc.). Its original goal was to put ordinary means of language, and the ideological structures they support, into question; nowadays most people who introduce a nonorganic dimension into their work are after a particular aesthetic effect,is either just ducky (these folks tend to be populists) or else who think we need to somehow resuscitate old values in spite of the fact that the modes of production that created those values are gone. They're wrong, of course, but a person occupying either of those positions can support organic poetry with a clear conscience.

    This is not so much the question of "bestness" for me as it is the question once again of how to read this stuff.But I doubt I could persuade anyone to feel pleasure at that or any other single poem, because the pleasures of the nonorganic as practiced in North America since WWII require an education that most people don't bother to seek out. It's an acquired taste and the cultural education that not only constitutes the taste but encourages you to acquire it (no one likes their first sip of beer but there are any number of cultural markers and pressures that persuade us to keep trying it until we do) has been privatized. That is, there is scarcely any form of public education any longer—even at the university level—that makes it possible for the average intelligent person to access the necessary range of reference (the context, the framework) to read even an organic poem with pleasure now.