onedit (magazine review)

this webzine which comes out of London has published 8 issues so far, it includes a few reviews but is mainly about a nice clean presentation of the work. the mag's style is strikingly minimal - black text, white background, grubby typescript vibe for framing text but ultra clear presentation of the poems. & the poems! ponder just these few names poached from the contents of the 8 issues here;

Jackson Mac Low- Lisa Jarnot - Miles Champion - P. Inman - Brian Kim Stefans - Brenda Coultas - Buck Down - Michael Gizzi - Kevin Killian - Chris Vitiello - Clark Coolidge - Anselm Berrigan - Raymond Queneau - Stephen Vincent - Leslie Scalapino - Ron Padgett

& then some cool collage/book art I was not familiar with but which is worth a browse by Isabelle Pelissier (issue two)

& the work of those new to me (the editors for instance) is also solid and interesting. onedit is a magazine worth checking out.

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