Eclipse (an archive of many delights)

I was just introduced to this site and have been distracted by it for significant periods of time since then. it's coming out of the english department at utah.edu and archiving "the most radical small-press writing from the last quarter century." click it; Eclipse

beyond all the individual works here which are uniformly excellent the site also has the complete run of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E magazine, Tottel's and a complete index for This magazine (uh, how about the text?). & you can download all of it in handy pdf format.

yes a "fabulous resource" but really a fucking treasure chest of amazing work, much of which i have long heard of but only seen parts or none of - things like Bernadette's Mayer's MEMORY or Clark Coolidge's ING. & better yet in some ways are the things i had never heard of at all but now i can have for my own readerly pleasure like Michael Klauke's AD INIFINITUM or Fiona Templeton's LONDON.

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  1. kno this is an old post but supposing you are recieving comments via email, thot i'd drop a note here as well as anywhere as so many somewhere have led me right here.

    this time the google-nets pointed me in here while poking around for more klauke-work (my god, that book is marvelous -- sharing yr admiration for entirely).

    anyhow, i've plugged yr efforts here & elsewhere via my avatar's site & del.ico.using -- bravo & keep on, enjoying the work you do!

    but pressing this marvel run by craig dworkin known as eclipse. this site is one of the most criminally underused resources on the poetical nets. re: the absence of 'this', i've heard the problem is with the editor watten whom for some reason does not want the work publicly available. (WTF?)

    but digressing digesting the absence of any real infos on klauke around -- wonder if any of you southern wonders have dug up any more info on this fascinating work (might see my Dear coUntess as a contemporary analogue & i'm dying to hear what was running thru that pastitcher's bricolage!

    oh, & again, admiration for the apg!

    j.h c