Recordings from Aug 29, 2007 Meeting

A couple read by Mark:

An east coast cop ghost sieves mist

As Barometer Sideswipe

The Wrought Earned Well

Two by James:

U People

Portrait of Spanky

Some improv sonnets by John:

I am MARTA, Hear Me Roar

$3.50 for two tick-
et reload breeze card
door zero ride
the orange shirt
or the white shirt
later, when you
come back at 5.
i have a star.
america's top model winner
forced first
to close the gap
then to
lose her voice

Price Wipe

flip flops are my favorite
climbing boots. six case
uphill both ways
to a state school. microtonal
blue around the collar.
knots are wrong, but
pillows stronger.
infilibung. liposuction overhead
but the primary context
seemed to have been...
& now here finally
the truth, Yolanda

A cigarette is too long. . .

a cigarette is too long
for the poem
that could be written of this
i'm going to
or else
ground it off
flick off the bits
forget about them
some portion of it
in you somewhere
to degrade
more slowly

Soul Food Tapas

frisky fool
ire wrens flit
spare waiter
a cube
ice pallais.
diddly dum
diddly doom.
dot and ellipsis
- to refer back.
little plastic bowls
mac & cheese

Zzac reading Schwitters' Unter uns Kollegen.

an APG collaborative piece, Poem for Four Voices and Violin. Zzac's on the fiddle.

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