poem for July 20

Ravey drift

Micmac woven dozen aprove hawkweed benumb
asteresque sited, riddle to a point unblankified
greenskeeper; in a focus to nourish flail.
Greenswerve over to double-dyed.
Into newer light trap, as plateau, lapwing.
Even saying it might, proclaim in flicker.

Over this making: ecozoic: a gadabout roll bar.

Somethingish fine tuned from the get go
under live wire quizzical resin huddle corona.
Leaves turn in where words prep a punch lined yeah:
leaves turn out into Doppler tickled.
Introview rachitic now flatfooted rigging
varoom right at: a lifeline for key words.
Any time leaves quiet when stitching mimetic.
Natively, offload. It's a biplane skeet runtime.

(Maggie O’Sullivan was born on July 20, 1951)

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