poem for June 23

durative, in city

As if then, being lost
not there, as in return, handling time
negativity belandscaped tool bent form
as if then. magnify docudrama drop add list

as if across a lovescape handled
kennel (not ash bin) a mine falling strong, as in caring
handle on the past world while passing
mild insistence, torn burnt cloth.
Any time cracks, closed in, in shivering armies
then is now in a ghost eagle
over to you, hiding within sight of words
very held; & then, waiting recalls:
as if then, being lost, furtive; holding indwelling

[Anna Akhmatova was born on June 23, 1888]


  1. Thanks all for commenting on the Ceravolo MP3s! I saw them this morning on Silliman's blog and have been waiting all day to add them to CP.

    Also, from a former Stone Mountain/Athens kid, I'm glad there's an Atlanta Poets Group.

    Have some sweet tea for this displaced Southerner!

  2. The sad dustbin that the phoenix must become before the light shines again.