It Came from Wednesday Nite !! part 1

Here are two APG collaborations, written this year at the weekly meeting .


hearing him expire

blind says nothing follows in a slight no! it flips
above, hovering in reddish circles, a corpse
chlorinate across the boy hair lines so
this meaning says change supercharge underchange
onto into over and over
my lovely Wild but Mild Ones
each south flag point swoops as here that meta-arctic sea
northerly, southerly but misunderstood somewhere in between
densities intensify our weather’d minds
a poly meets a thunder which gives many to one to how? to
understanding in this time, this space, this
opening so we can follow our discomfort
into what we don’t know as an imp simple one hill a bump
& we’ve made up the lines... no control
who fly up to their falling apartness
to teach is to learn, a one time in the city of ask : to teach;
a downpour with a “you” in the middle of it
said to my friends “here” or “go this way”
wanting is fair ... to a non am i watching you ? fair tease quantum
to search in the nethers or nevers or there
a copy of three jobs in one.

mp, tmg’, rp 1/10/07


Waffle House Mitternacht (hear it)

the dog shakes in a busy nonsense of night
directions for being lost are cool as [tool bag]
the far out south
here across from the park mine fields are
your fields [feel sag], aimed like stray words in the rags
screamed out from rattled discs
dusty cable cars, buster,
jumbled liar---robust hussy
on the pomengranate highway,
managerial failure hops [creepy homebody]
hops three more
snares. the log aches with
long lost grogg*
text as hind leg grips load
as wasted on the road; near these waffle fling slush currents
there are wild lick mashers to fling instead of
wall folding [bibble bout]
how you gonna wink when a club
flashes you into jumbled truth readings ?
the fire place the water time;
hi, ma, hi, am i ham?
or am i mahi mahi? stop itching,
this place is laced with dit hittles

zzd, js, mp 5/16/07

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