Below is the call for work for the APG's magazine, Spaltung (in case you missed it somewhere else):

do your poems contain multitudes or live as variously as possible? then submit to Spaltung. we are looking for writing that explores multiplicity/heterogeneity on a formal/material/compositional level, including (without limitation) polyphonic/multivoice works, collaborations (human+human, human+computer, human+other animate or inanimate entity, and all of the above), text+image, text+object, text+sound, palimpsests, multiversion/multirevision works, diagrammatical works, rebuses, multilanguage pieces, collages, mashups, multiprocedural and conceptual works, poems masquerading as something else, und so weiter. Spaltung will be published as a packet of stuff rather than a bound journal. if you would like an idea of Spaltung's taste, you can purchase our first issue (although it was not focused on the theme articulated above and was a bound journal) through the email address below (it's only $4).

please send submissions to spaltung@comcast.net. please make sure all attachments are in one of the following formats: .doc, .xls, .pdf, .jpg, or in the case of sound files .mp3. if you want to send in another format, please let us know and we will try to accommodate. if you prefer to send snail mail, please send to

Bo and Luke Duke Sanders
1511 McLendon Ave.

Atlanta, GA 30307

please keep submissions to a reasonable length, and no more than 5 pieces per submission. please include your email address in any submission so that we can contact you (if you don't have an email address, please include a phone #, we're trying to save postage and time). if you wanna include an explanation of your work with your submission, great. simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know if something you sent gets accepted somewhere else. if you send by snail, don't send us your only copy: we do not return work.

Spaltung is edited collectively by the Atlanta Poets Group. because we do things by committee we may take a while to get back to you on your submission. authors appearing in Spaltung will receive copies, but we can't afford to pay you anything else.

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