sonic transport, social aspects

[from:    the Loss Lieder]

blown for a kind of sting,  on more idiot lacking halves  or a stack of
old records, just blow out the reference,  to text as next

it keeps glowing works w old haunt from carriage return
all creepy whistle as a smile now i’ve gathered in blasted software—
you got a counter reads the smile ache
or just wiggle   faced w a dream gambols pun higher than chairman
of the bored    a quick flood alters when then
it slithers thru veggie snow time    all alert is lichen
stolen from a werefallriver law ax or sue
looking once at time in rain capped by our floating hovel
i can build anything out of words
not a quick solution

always it faces a crowd like the stiff breeze in sun
try to square hamming it up with a nexus meaning registered trademark
that’s open way to leaver yr
don’t know what i mean in the stranded canyon,  hold
order,  an evocation of twilight begin    echoed flight gliding over
purple valley mounts in a deposed majesty
green gives to deep glow indigo,  lots of cows on a hill
high lawn
words only have written existence   otherwise process
it’s ten or alto   or one in ten
rather than representing quality in the Belgian biscuit trade

what i’d trade, vigilante groups conjuring up sound on a wax tube
every local order social violence    viol:  ents
a few  ways of saying,  go on down the
hill to where the old model A disintegrates a bit
more each winter  .. technology has a way of creating meaning whose
stupidity    you can really see on a day to day basis
stealing some silence from the edge of the beach
when you got spiders crawling all over you
they run into words that’s standard practice

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