it’s a bit nippy out there lyric umber

blinkered, & running the race
all the way thru the odd the raked over the mind, sluice,  mere sum
then un-adding back;   as amber unlit
evasionless, mind’s eye,
ill wind that blows over linkage even if
you can type all that,
lacking a daisy-call
not that you punch the clock / it punches you back, slack
is a glass jaw slowly living none organic
limiting adjacent grits this violation
within the state,
run to trip       to fall to the stars
a makeover at the graph push
a second frozen as a rest warren
sketch a pummeled data set
that goes,  here’s yr solution, dissolution, or
all grated the pay checks out...
cereal, ism, shattered grass;
look,  i just think you shd
go over those notes again
Kid O—

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