the work of poetry in the age of mechanical reproduction #5

creak or scruff, mag or slit, rack in a canned laff, a rag snicker, a trash telemancer ... why, he’s just a tyro,  rattling off landscape sketches in a landscape, escaped from finite edutainment!  play-action fake in the doldrums with a flapper.  don’t flap here, mister.  that’s when i learned how to play the dole drums.  a few days of re-hash nonsyllabic sick time,  all across the disappearing and the disappearing ice-sheet; well helium mollifies your new retail adventure,  it’s an extended family, out over the rimrock outcrop, i mean it’s all about writers using that word intermittently over the last 200 years,  a coinage for hearing places that’re deaf   back and forward   audible porridge   one step forward & blue steps back   three steps forward & new leaps lack   a slinking maze is near to maybe   actual recall   head back down the beating path   flow unto implosion   going in a circle as full retreat   long reasoning instructions about how to walk backward toward the cliff   that beetles o’er his brow   a maniac in the moonlight is worth nine in the hand    that train backed all the way from here to Carbon Hill with its brake pads missing    a roll of impersonation surrounds you with the light of roiling day         go ahead and talk in reverse   go ahead and quake my play    go ahead and rake my clay     from walking back & forth on the earth and going to and fro upon it     written out in vertical style in reverse Polish notation    the stupid are there in trashed moonlight under this gunk and this stare formed by idiot spirals as if the mind encased in black plastic encumbers Who the mighty absence crossed as a criss-cross in the etchings down-fever in the conversation ironed out by rotted fools wrench hatred dapper in a flapped game where the ended are pretended to be stunned in the life form as staying beyond a  twisted work done there with voyage as noggin imbecile wrung by knots with slapped under anger mash  astray in crystal to the media wracked    rung

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