a sampled universe

transliteration 6

each line kinda snakes thru the prose unedit section, seemly
but giving not-quite-adjusted atrocity details
he believes in
his blinkered idiom;
remember me!  the password
is a sequence of forgettings, in that
the end-papers flash a design that’s unteenth century
& related to cognate studies

overall concern on the sources of the disclosure  of
unformation   tweets:
one extreme has given
way to cauterize tales of vast excess,
illicit sanctions turning implicit slapshots.... ...
dances to the top of the flogosphere link troika;
quells attack on artwork crash;
lists rusting buckets at the well;
and improvised plosives rattled manage to a
link past utter(ly) to profitable firm & squishy meaning a
cactus with loads of time & spine
against hand

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