Breaking Engine (Cheap Chemicals & Dear Water)

a crash
over or around--
            not really the people


                        the first civic improvement
                        (downhill run,

green would work with
purple              at the stages
            under the waves

                                                                                    all told
                                                                                    epic for affordable laborers
                                                                                    build a library, etc.

            if you have an
electric link that person re-
assembled, actually he’s
been there about a week


                                                  zoooom!        slaked off at low flight

    city has a turpitude

                removes paint

                                                            hanging there the target

            nestled in among         slug             a hurting source code

in the early day                                   a phantom with wages

      bricks hauled and shadows built and earth arranged and shadows built up

labor practice
is the first thing
you think about                                   a knife with fine verbs
                                                                        I           dissociate

           running across              post-industry               sinking down

     walls that don’t hide
                        eyes with acid             agoraform,  this not knowing is for sale

                        (torn sail


                                                if you have an electric link
                                                dawn encoded with letters
                                                homes burn
                                                inside sentences
                                                magnetic signal
                                                crouching                    in a black dot

            smoke in wires
            a letter dated:    “ago”
            smoke in the old shacks
            thought nothing of it
                 & thought nothing
            a place of work
            empty space cataloged
            smoke in the waiting
            my eyes say
            blindness all digital

          a crash               a whole slew of
                                                hiding inside living             smashup

      written hands tremble

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