a sampled universe

arrest warrant 2

a criminal complaint, just kinda whining & dining
on the lapsed judgment, over by the bars:
bending a tapas bar means blending a flopless blur,
or, a very moving violation, it reduced me to
tears, it was a heartwarming spectacle amplifying
how you can identify with yr murderer ...if you wear
a wire you might trip over barbed comments
& end up buyin’ boots made of Barbie’s cement
see? what i meant was, hi C in mento is B&C
in mental or locked wards all across
this state (meant: the key slips like words
in the oiled or natural gassed wards for a warden who
does hard time to come back from, with his
difficult poem allowing me to get out on bail-
ing out the sinking shipment,
i think that’s what a ship meant
back in the day:
lock up behind you,
nudge & nudge and wink &

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